PhishingFree FAQ

PhishingFree is a browser-based extension or add-on that notifies you when visiting an insecure or a phishing website. PhishingFree gets the latest reported malicious websites from your local businesses (for example banks in your country). If you mistakenly click on a malicious link in a phishing email, your browser notifies you that the website you are visiting is malicious and you need to close it. 

Absolutely! PhishingFree investigates if the website you are entering your credentials (such as username/password) is secure. For example, PhishingFree notifies you if the website you are logging-in is using HTTP instead of HTTPS. 

Your online security is our number-one goal. We do not collect or store any information from you while browsing the Internet. PhishingFree only activates on the low-rank website (not in top 100,000 domain names) that requires you to enter your username and password. For example, none of your social media will be monitored.

Only if you use Firefox for Android you can install PhishingFree extensions.

Yes, you can. Please submit a phishing website to PhishingFree here. After a quick investigation, we add your reported website to our system and this helps others to stay safe!

We have developed PhishingFree extension for Microsoft Windows Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox. We are planning to port it to Apple Safari in the near future.