What do you need to protect your customers?

Your business may have invested in great security tools and subscribed to high-quality awareness improvement programmes. But none of those can protect your customers from being victims of a successful phishing attack.

PhishingFree by SafeToOpen helps you quickly notify your customers to enter their credentials in phishing websites.

Save time and money with PhishingFree by SafeToOpen®

All you need to do is to subscribe to our service and ask your customers to install the PhishingFree extension/add-on on their preferred Internet browser.


Protect Your Customers

If your business requires an online payment webpage, it may be a target of phishing attacks. Internet attackers will not send phishing emails to your employees. Instead, they target your customers which by PhishingFree extension you can protect them from being victims of successfully targeted phishing attacks. 

Easy to Use

All your customers need to do is install PhishingFree extension on their preferred browsers. You can advertise in your website to install the PhishingFree extension for full protection. Your customers can use the PhishingFree extension to report any suspicious website that might help you quickly detect and eliminate phishing websites targeting your business.

Quick Detection

The PhishingFree extension can quickly notify users once the website they are browsing is suspicious. Users will have the option either to trust the website or report it to PhishingFree for further investigations. Once we found that the reported suspicious webpage is a phishing URL targeting your business, we quickly notify you.

Quick Response

The best way to protect your brands and customers from evergrowing targeted phishing attacks is to reduce the detection and response time. PhishingFree can help you to eliminate newly detected phishing websites. For more information and pricing please contact us.

Always Free

The PhishingFree browser extension is free for individual and commercial use. 


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Subscribing with PhishingFree enables you to quickly submit latest phishing URLs targeting your customers to PhishingFree so that anyone using our extensions will be notified when visiting phishing websites.